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Reduce. Remove. Resolve

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Accredited in all aspects of commercial and residential demolition, Tycen Demolitions specialises in the delivery of efficient structural and internal demolition solutions. Our founding principles are built upon our core values of innovation, quality, safety and sustainability.  Together with an unrestricted demolition license, we resolve complex projects that create a real difference within the industry.

Our clients trust us to deliver the highest end-to-end demolition solutions for their projects without compromising on quality or experience.

Tycen Advantage

through partnerships

Our success has grown from over 20 years of industry experience and a dedication to providing unparalleled service and nurturing relationships with our clients. When it comes to industry innovation we ensure that we are never standing still, instead delivering the most efficient solutions to create outstanding results.

We understand that each project that we undertake is as unique as the next. By analysing these projects down to the finest detail and clarifying obstacles and resolutions, we transform possibilities into reality. Our commitment to innovation means that we are always providing our clients with premium services, resources and technology to add extensive value to their project.


Structural Demolition

With a broad portfolio of structural demolition projects across Sydney, we are equipped with the resources and experience, enabling us to be highly responsive to the various needs of our clients.



Our experience has allowed us to explore new solutions to complete our projects faster and safer with an emphasis on sustainability.



Carefully recruited by Tycen HR Management, our labour hire team are trained to deliver the highest outcomes for our projects across Sydney.



Our extensive experience across commercial and residential projects has enabled us to develop a range of processes and techniques that allow us to remove waste from site more efficiently with remarkable sustainability and green star results.

Health & Safety

in practice

At Tycen Demolitions, the well-being of our people, partners and the community are always the highest priority for our projects. Through leadership, training and safety management procedures, we are committed to providing our team with the knowledge and resources to deliver the safest working environments. With a zero tolerance for unethical and unsafe operations throughout the entire organisation, we continue to establish and maintain the safest working environments in compliance with SafeWork NSW Standards, to ensure that anyone who enters our sites returns home safely at the end of the day.


A Fresh

As industry leaders, we believe that sustainability goes far beyond regulation. We view our business as an opportunity to deliver industry first solutions that create significant environmental value for our clients and the communities that we operate within each day.

Our proactive approach to sustainable development has enabled us to create innovative solutions, deliver the best practices and achieve a range of Greenstar and sustainability achievements through our projects. We’re dedicated to stamping a legacy in the areas that we operate within and work closely with our clients to understand their project goals and create opportunities that will support their unique requirements.

Tycen Demolitions are supporting partners of Heilala, an environmental charity which works to protect the environment and support international development through the recovery and reuse of commercial office furniture and related goods by transporting and delivering them to relevant recipients in developing countries around the world.


Talent & Growth

Our people are at the heart of what we do every day. We are committed to maintaining the strongest company culture and building a supportive work environment that allows our team to dream and achieve outstanding results.

We are always looking out for talented and qualified workers to join our team. A career with Tycen Demolitions offers extensive training and significant growth, all whilst working within an energetic and innovative environment. If you’re looking to progress in your career, please send your details to [email protected]

Giving Back

A Better Future

Tycen Demolitions partners with organisations that inspire us to leave a positive legacy.  We are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace culture of “giving” and enjoy sharing our practices with other companies and individuals. By inspiring others, we empower them to give back to the world that provides infinite opportunities to benefit communities and the people within them.

Job Support

Partnering with JobSupport, we are proud to have placed a team of dedicated employees within Tycen Demolitions. Based within administrative roles, our employees are provided with the experience, knowledge and skills to learn and positively develop themselves.

Giving Back


Heilala works with partners to protect the environment and support international development through the recovery of commercial office furniture and fittings (COFF) and related goods, to be distributed to developing countries where the need is greatest.

Through our operations and key partnership with Heilala, Tycen Demolitions has diverted  over 17 tonnes of COFF from Sydney offices and has facilitated the delivery of these goods to developing communities around the world.  By educating our clients on the process, we allow them to reduce their own environmental impact through their operations, whilst simultaneously delivering much needed support to deserving people and institutions.

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